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2023 TRS ONE R (250,  280, 300cc)

TRS presents the new ONE R for 2023, the intermediate model between the ONE and the ONE RR. The new TRRS ONE R is presented with the latest technical innovations of the brand to consolidate this model as a reference in the market for its performance and reliability. This model comes equipped withan engine with an aluminum injection crankcase, one-way Reiger rear shock absorber, 28mm Keihin PWK carburettor and aluminum TECH front suspension, providing the pure pleasure riding experience for all types of users. The fourth saga of the ONE R model is the ideal choice for those users looking for an intuitive and easy to ride motorcycle.


TRS RR has established itself as the most competitive motorcycle of the moment.

High performance, high-tech materials, maximum quality in its manufacturing processes and exclusivity in its details, provide a 100% sportive character. The RR is synonymous of racing success around the world and is aimed at particularly demanding riders who appreciate high performance, exclusivity. The Manufacturing processes and attention in its details, provide a 100% sportive character. White & Red, this is how this model can be defined, racing, with personality and elegancy, it will not go unnoticed.


TRS Motorcycles has worked to implement the latest technical developments in the Xtrack RR and ONE 2021-2022 models, such as the new electric start system that this time, places the battery behind the front light, thus providing the model, of additional room under the seat, which allows to place any type of tools that may be necessary during a ride through the mountain, and facilitating again an easy conversion to 100% trial without losing the option of the electric start system.

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