2017 TRS ONE (250, 280,300cc)

The engine has been developed and designed specifically for the practice of trial, taking into consideration each and every single part of it to ensure the best performance and maximum power, and placing inside numerous technical improvements that make it unique in the market.


We have brought the bike at the highest level of “stress” during the time of developement and testing, to ensure the best success when reaching the market.


TRS ONE has exceeded the actual and common standards in terms of technology and style, showing the best performance, an extraordinary style and an exceptional behavior.

2017 TRS One, Adam Raga Racing

Available in 250cc, 280cc, and 300cc configurations
(125cc version with exhaust valve scheduled for production fall of 2017)


New high-compression cylinder head
Reprogrammed CDI with Raga Racing mapping.
Keihin PWK 28 carburetor


Tech front suspension with adjustable compression and rebound, billet-machined triple trees, anodized in black
Reiger 2-way rear shock absorber - with adjustable preload, compression and rebound.
Rear rim is lighter in weight, 40 tooth FIM-legal rear sprocket


In white color with ALUMINUM footrests in a position more rearward, new graphic designs.


New Braktec clutch and front brake pumps, billet-machined and anodized caps, easily adjustable throttle cable, and tethered FIM competition kill switch.


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