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2022 Jaime Busto RÉPLICA

The JB-R model is the outstanding result of the fusion of two of the most successful Vertigo products. The high performance of the R series has been combined with the exclusive and unique essence of the Jaime Busto Replica.

The JB-R is available in all engine sizes: 125, 200, 250, 280 and 300cc.

2022 Combat Titanium R 

Vertigo is proud to introduce the new Titanium R Limited Edition MY2022. With a limited production of only 40 units, the Titanium R is without a doubt the most exclusive trials motorcycle in the market, featuring extensive unique features like the titanium frame, optimized for this 2022 model by introducing a new mechanised shock absorber support also made of titanium.

Engine sizes: 250 and 300cc

2022 Vertigo Nitro Works

Vertigo is proud to present the Nitro, its new and evolved trials bike for the 2022 season. 2022. The Nitro is the successor to the acclaimed Combat. Engine size and versions available 2-Stroke 125cc, 250cc and300cc, and competition versions, as well as 200cc and280cc. All new silencer: Improved suspension travel, reduced engine braking, reduced heat transfer to components, and interchangeable fibers.

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