The OSET 16.0 36v is the perfect machine for more advanced riders from 5 to 10 years old. This is physically the same size bike as the OSET 16.024v, but fitted with an amazing 36v 750w motor, controller and accompanying electrical system. This motor is very strong and provides a lot of extra power. We do not recommend this bike for raw beginners. This machine is better for riders that have shown some talents and skills for riding. It should be noted that the power delivery on this bike is much more abrupt, and while the bike is a more capable tool than its younger brothers, we do advise less experienced riders to opt for the 16.0 24v OSET.

2014 OSET 16/36 MSRP $1499 USD 

2014 12.5 24v OSET- USA MSRP: $1049 

This bike is designed for riders from 3 to 5 years old or, more specifically, for ideal rider heights up to 43”; kids grow at different rates! The suspension is set for riders up to 50 lbs. The seat height is just 15”, and the bike weighs 47 lbs. This machine is driven by a powerful 500W Rare Earth - Neodymium Magnet Motor that will take the rider up some serious hills! Gearing is set for a maximum of 14mph, and acceleration is very fast! OSET’s unique ‘speed dial’ allows the responsible adult to set the top speed anywhere from zero to maximum.  With a full coverage chain guard, the parental speed dial control, great suspension front and rear, a V-brake on the front and a very effective band brake on the rear, this bike is functionally brilliant, while still being very safe when used responsibly. 

2014 OSET 16.0 RACING MSRP $1799 USD  

The all new OSET 16.0 Racing is a ground up re-design with inspiration from the revolutionary OSET 20.0. Over the standard 16.0 ECO, the Racing has been improved in almost every department. This bike is suited to riders from 5-7 years old, from beginners to experts -  from first timers to regular competitors.

An all new OSET 800w 36v motor is perfectly complemented by our all new '3 dial' controller... which gives total control over power, speed, and throttle response. Settings can suit any rider. This is a huge benefit! The bike can truly grow with the rider!

2014 OSET 20.0 LITE MSRP $2199 USD 

“Think of the 20-LITE as a 'big wheel' 16.0. Longer and taller, this bike fills the gap between the 16.0 and 20.0”.

The all new OSET 20-LITE fills a gap we didn't know existed until the OSET 20.0 came to market. The 20.0 was designed for 8-12 year olds, but we found many 6-7 year olds on the bike who might be suited to a slightly smaller and lighter one. The 20-LITE has been introduced to provide another option for those riders. 

2014 OSET 20.0 ECO MSRP $2399 USD 

“The 20.0 has been a hit from the start, with riders amazed by it's incredible power and adults often finding the 'fun factor' too much to resist! It's an incredibly capable machine, and significantly improved for 2014”.

The OSET 20.0 has been a world wide hit since its introduction in late 2012. It is suited to riders from 8-12, but many adults are having fun on the bike too!! It's power has always been the main talking point, with a huge amount on tap. For 2014, the 20.0 has received a number of great improvements.

2014 OSET 20.0 RACING MSRP $2599 USD 

“The OSET 20.0 has taken over trials competitions at National level in the UK, taking the first 5 positions in the 6-9 year old 'D' Class, and making up 75% of the entry. The OSET 20.0 electric bike has clear advantages over the petrol bikes, and it's showing in the results. The 20-R has the potential to win National competitions straight off the showroom floor!”

For advanced riders, the 20-Racing is a competition ready machine for 8-12 year olds. It features the exclusive OSET wide rear rim and 3” wide deep tread competition motorcycle tyre. Improved grip means less wheelspin and more control in low grip conditions.


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