All New PR7 650cc

2018 PR7 Rally 600 – MSRP $9995
Dreaming of racing Baja? Dream no more! The race edition of the PR7 is coming to the USA. Not for the faint of heart – this bike is packed with features and ready to blast across the desert at over 100mph!

The PR7 is designed to be the ultimate open-class rally racer. Starting with a new generation frame we added the very best in off-road suspension from Sachs front & rear. Next came billet triple clamps, billet footpegs, and billet bar mounts.

To keep the stand-over height narrow and low – we placed the fuel tank in our usual place – down low, under the seat. The rally-style tower incorporates a very effective windscreen, dual stacked headlamps, and removable ASUS tablet computer. Load the Android tablet with whatever you like – navigation, apps, web-based programs – it can handle it all, at speed – thru any weather condition.

The power-plant in the PR7 is composed of a 60hp 600cc fuel-injected 6-speed motor, DOMA full race exhaust, carbon fiber air intake, plus race-spec ECU.
Only a limited quantity of these exciting bikes will be available. Stop dreaming and reserve your PR7 now 

AJP PR3 Enduro Pro - MSRP $4795 & PR3.5 (full size wheel-set) - MSRP $4895

The AJP PR3 240 Enduro Pro - The first well equipped Enduro bike that shorter adults (and even teens) can straddle flat-footed with ease.  The PR3 has almost all the features and benefits of its bigger brother the PR4, but in an even lighter and easier to manage, low - 34.5 inch seat-height package.  Think fully adjustable suspension, electric start, enduro lighting, factory skid plate, racing exhaust, plus full-size disk brakes all around and you begin to get the idea of how capable this motorcycle really is.  The PR3 can handle the most demanding terrain with ease – the only thing missing from it is you!  The AJP PR series – 2easy2ride……



AJP PR4 Enduro Pro - MSRP $4995

The AJP PR4 240 Enduro Pro - The ultimate do-it-all off-road bike.  This motorcycle has it all: a class-leading low seat height, fully adjustable Marzocchi forks and Sachs shock, bullet-proof 240 size engine with factory oil cooler, electric and kick start, hybrid Aluminum/Steel frame, 520 o-ring chain, full enduro lighting, and extended coverage skid-plate.  All these high-end components are mounted to a chassis graced with the shortest wheelbase by far of any full-size enduro bike.  To round-out the packaging – we’ve made the fuel cell translucent to better see the actual fuel level, then moved that cell from its traditional location up high and forward to a lower, more mass centralizing place directly under the rider’s seat.  The AJP PR4 - 2easy2ride!  Get yours now!



AJP PR5 250 Enduro - MSRP $5995

The AJP PR5 250 Enduro - Where high technology meets Old World craftsmanship.  Fuel-Injection – the holy grail of motorcycle intake management – This bike has it.  Hand welded and painted frames made in Portugal at the AJP factory – Got it.  Fully adjustable Sachs fork and shock – This bike has those too.  Liquid cooled, 6 speed, tractable enduro-tuned engine – Yup.  Woods ready with factory skid plate and full enduro lighting – Check.  Class-leading short wheelbase for very light and nimble handling in the tightest of trails - an AJP trademark – Got it!  Translucent fuel tank to track fuel level at a glance, plus repositioned under the rider’s seat for better weight distribution – Yes! The AJP PR5 – hi-technology hand built in Portugal …..2easy2ride on any trail.   



AJP PR5R Enduro - MSRP $6495

The AJP PR5R 250 Enduro - A brand new model for 2015!  We have taken our value packed baseline PR5 model and added a few choice Factory goodies to create this lighter and more powerful enduro weapon!  First we sub-out the stock exhaust for a DOMA full Titanium system –  adding 3 horsepower and shedding 1lb of weight.  Then we throw on a set of AJP Factory billet Aluminum foot-pegs and a lightweight Lithium battery to shave a few more precious pounds.  Add it all up and you have a very nimble bike weighing 5lbs less than our standard PR5 model with now a total of 30hp on tap to allow you to take full control of the trails!  All these features are offered for a total cost of only $500 more than our PR5 model – an incredible value!  Awesome!        



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